“Marvels, Medals, & Midnight” by Seed Art Share

seed art share marvels medals and midnight

4:00, 5:00, 8:00, 9:00 pm

City of Raleigh Museum 

Someone has tampered with the First Night Raleigh acorn and our four young scientists need help setting things right before 2017.  Join us for this interactive walking-play where YOU chose the ending! The fun begins at the City of Raleigh Museum. Killer cast includes Seth, Rebecca and Eowyn Blum, Jess Barbour, Lorelei Mellon, Page and Marleigh Purgar, Dustin Britt, Amy Sawyers, Arel Marsh, and Tanner Lagasca.

FREE! with First Night Raleigh admission. No pre-purchase needed!

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